My Range Wet Room Kits

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Quality Wet Room Kits

For your bathing experience to be a smooth one and to avoid the hassle of renovating your bathroom every few weeks due to faulty equipment, you must choose a wet room kit of good quality and especially the one that fits in perfectly well with your bathroom.

My Range Wet Room Kits by My Bathrooms

My Bathrooms has a massive selection of My Range wet room kits available online and in their showrooms! The wet room shower trays come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit everybody’s needs. Attention to detail is there in the form of options available for placement and shape of drain as well – we have shower trays by My Range which have square and rectangle drains placed in the middle as well as on the sides, to be chosen by the customer, as they prefer! Shower trays of the wet room kits by My Bathrooms are light in weight and easy to install. The high quality waterproof nature of these trays make them ideal for using ceramic, stone or porcelain tiles to be placed on them. The shower trays can be placed directly on the floor which will create a 30 mm step into the shower area, alternatively it can be placed as a level access tray with the help of a 10mm board. Overall My Range wet room kits exhibit amazing value for money!

Wet Room Installation

For the installation of the My Range wet room kits you will also require My Range wet room installation kit, which is also available online. These kits contain all things needed for effective installation of the wet room shower tray, such as backer board, sealing tape, backer boards screws and washers, bonding adhesive and nylon gloves among other things. My Range wet room installation kits caters to all your needs while remaining well within the budget. The installation kits are to be used with the My Range wet room kits only.