Stylish Bathroom Redo’s in 2015

Sometimes walls just do not look as good as we might like: and when this happens, usually as a result of simple aging or wear and tear from normal everyday life, there is little that can be done to repair it short of stripping the entire room bare and re-skimming the whole surface: plaster, paint and all! However, there is another solution, one that is simple and easy to install and that will leave your bathroom looking better than you could have ever believed! Wall panels are the answer: stylish, clean and made to measure, wall panels have a host of advantages, and very few disadvantages, making them the ideal bathroom refurb solution for 2015!

Little Preparation is Needed

While many other bathroom décor treatments require lengthy, time-consuming or even messy preparation-work to be done beforehand, this is not the case with bathroom panels which can be installed as quickly as you like; giving your bathroom the immediate benefit of the look.


Easy Maintenance

Panels are easy to look after. Most of them are pre-treated for mould and mildew and many are wipe clean and water resistant. This means that not only will your bathroom look great, but it will make your day to day bathroom cleaning so much less of a chore!

Easy Maintenance

Temperature Control

While it is not one of the primary purposes of a wall panel, there is no denying that your bathroom heating will become a thing of constancy! By their very nature wall panels add an insulating layer to your walls and this will ensure that your bathroom (and by extension you!) will remain toasty warm even on the coldest days!


The Downside…

The only real disadvantage of wall panels is that, at the moment, there is perhaps not quite the variety of colors available as can be found with paints and wallpapers. However, there is a fairly full color palette available, so that all color schemes can be more than adequately accommodated, and, as wall paneling becomes more and more popular, manufacturers are sure to introduce new colors in the very near future: so that even this small grumble will soon be vanquished!

white panel

My Bathrooms currently offer the Lustrolite range of paneling. Not only do we offer a wide and comprehensive range of paneling products, but we are presently offering the Lustrolite products at a splendid discount: if you are thinking about refreshing your bathroom in order to start off 2015 with a bang, why not go to one of the showrooms, or go online and check out the full range of products!

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