Easy Steps to Fix and Install Your Wetroom


Stylish, practical and a great advantage when it comes to making the most of very small rooms, wet rooms are also an excellent way to add value to your home, sometimes adding thousands to your asking price.

Clean out the clutter that may have built up in your bathroom and take careful and precise measurements. Take note of any unusual angles and walls that are not quite flat as this can have in impact on your bathroom renovation. Then sketch out, on paper, several different options for your bathroom layout, placing the major pieces in different places to see how it might look. Do pay attention to pipe outlets as this often dictates the placing of toilets and baths and might be pricey to change.

Bathroom Layout

Once you have an idea of your preferred layout, begin to pick out the individual elements that will go into creating the perfect wet room. Do not be tempted to skimp on the preparation processes as these will ensure that your bathroom remains watertight, protecting the rest of your home from damp and mildew.

First of all, select a wet room set,  that suits your home, the size of your bathroom and your budget. From there, it is possible to build up your ideal wet room bathroom, selecting each element of the room to suit your own tastes. The end result of all this hard work is sure to be a bathroom that you love and will enjoy using for many years to come!


Some important considerations in a wet room are drainage, condensation and space. Space is often the reason for having a wet room in the first place as waterproofing the whole space is relatively easy and cost effective, and the effective is to open out the entire small space, creating a comfortable bathroom from even the tiniest space. Condensation can be an issue and the installation of an efficient extractor fan is recommended as it is for all bathrooms anyway. The drainage must be considered from the beginning of the process as pipework must be laid to whisk away all the water in the room, and the floor should be slightly tilted so as to discourage standing pools and puddles of water that can be hard to shift otherwise.

It will not take long and can cost much less than expected to transform your bathroom into a delightful and practical wet room!


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