Color Scheme Ideas for Your Bathroom

The bathroom is one part of the home where you can indulge your love of color and pattern, should you so desire. The bathroom is generally one of the smallest rooms in the home and, therefore, is the right place to allow what would be, in any other room, a tasteless display of gaudy and lurid color if that is what you like!

Monochrome delight

For a neat and practical look, it is hard to go wrong with a simple yet elegant monochrome décor plan. Dazzling white tiles and furniture are relieved and enhanced with gleaming black detail, especially when the whole room is kept immaculately clean with shining fittings!

Wooden You Know It!

Natural materials, such as wood and stone look fabulous in any part of the home, but there is something extra special about having wooden features, or even wood-look features in the bathroom. Modern treatments methods mean that natural wood can be completely sealed and protected against damp and rot, while the material infuses the room with warmth and color.

Bathe in Luxury

Choosing waterproof, ornately patterned wallpaper for your bathroom is an excellent way to create a sumptuous bathroom for surprisingly little. As you only use a few rolls of the paper, you can easily afford a good quality paper, which adds an air of silken decadence to even the meanest bathroom. These wallpapers come in a wide range of colors and color combinations enabling you to choose precisely the right shade for your décor scheme. If you are updating the bathroom furniture, you can choose from some wonderfully hedonistic bathtubs that look superb while offering you a great, pampering session every time you hop in!

Floral Perfection

Floral are often ignored in other rooms within the home, especially if the decorator is worried that too many flower patterns will make their home look dated and old-fashioned. However, floral décor for the bathroom looks pretty, elegant and inviting. Choose an attractive wallpaper to pick out one or two walls – having floral wallpaper all around the room from floor to ceiling might be a little too overpowering – and introduce floral accessories, or perhaps a chair with floral upholstery, while keeping the rest of the décor in blocks of plain or neutral colors. The addition of a vase of beautiful fresh flowers will complete the look, instantly giving your bathroom a hint of professional polish.

As a rule of the thumb, pick two or three colors for your bathroom décor and use these colors throughout the room. Do not be shy about advertising the accent color, usually the brightest of those in the color scheme, and make sure that it is spread evenly throughout the décor. It will not be long before your bathroom is beautifully coordinated and appealing!


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