5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Bathroom Tiles


Bathrooms generally feature tiles in there somewhere: either as a small splash back by the basin and tub or lavishly, all around the room. How much tiling to use is a personal choice and each person must make their own mind up whether to splurge on tiles or to be sparing with them. The best advice though, is to splash out on them! There are many excellent reasons for choosing to use bathroom tiles generously in your bathroom: what follows here are the top five reasons why designers and decorators from all walks of life opt for tiles over almost every other available product.


1)   Hardwearing and Durable


Bathroom tiles are made to painstaking standards and the end result is a tough and hardwearing product that can handle very high foot traffic every day for years and years. Many tiles are toughened to make them chip and crack resistant and, once in place, they can last for decades without deteriorating or crumbling.


2)   Waterproof


Crucially for a bathroom, tiles are finished with a fine glaze that renders them almost entirely waterproof. This means that mold and mildew cannot take hold on them, and if you use a mold-resistant grouting product to fix them in place, your bathroom is unlikely to suffer the scourge of mold or mildew.


3)   Attractive


Tiles look good: smooth, sleek and polished. This is because of the baking process that essentially melts the raw materials together to create a flawless, smooth surface. The color of your tiles is sure to last a very long time as it is baked into the tile and therefore will not fade over time, like many other products do.


4)   Hygienic and Hypoallergenic


With allergies and intolerances seemingly on the rise, it is wise to use an easy-to-clean and naturally hypoallergenic substance in your bathroom – after all, no-one can avoid using the bathroom for long! Tiles wipe down easily, making your household chores a doddle!


5)   Cheap Over Time


The cost of bathroom tiles more than repays itself over the years. Strong ceramic tiles last much longer than carpeting or wallpaper, making tiles a good and cheap option in the long run. Paper can fade and become stained, while carpeting – even carpeting treated with water-resistant chemicals – will eventually succumb to the vagaries of damp. Tiles, however, continue unchanged for year after year, making them the most economical bathroom purchase of all!

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