5 Fantastic Tips to Design a Compact Bathroom


Compact bathrooms are incredibly useful and can add immensely to the value of a property, but it is all too easy to miscalculate your bathroom installation and end up with a bathroom that is uncomfortable to use and that is neither welcoming nor practical. Here is how to avoid this:

1) Measure Twice…
Be prepared to invest a great deal of time in planning and measuring out your compact bathroom before spending a single penny. Taking the time to plan and source each piece for the bathroom will ensure that you end up with the perfect piece for the small space. This is almost more important that getting it right in a bigger room as any mistakes will show up more readily in a compact bathroom.

2) Storage, storage, storage
Spare towels, toiletries, bathroom cleaning products, toilet rolls, soap, shampoos… The list of products needed in the bathroom can sometimes seem almost endless! Make sure that you have taken this into account by planning on having plenty of storage options in the bathroom, right from the planning stage!


3) Practical & Beautiful!
Do not feel that your bathroom is too small for there to be any place for beauty. Wherever possible pick pieces that can serve a dual purpose. For example, choosing the right mirror (as large as possible) will make your bathroom look more spacious, it can be attractive in its own right and will also serve its primary purpose, that of offering a good, well-lit reflection so that bathroom users can check their appearance!

4) Light and Space
As mentioned above, mirrors can add an illusion of space to any room, but bathrooms in particular need to be well-lit! Save subtle lighting and dimmer switches for romantic dinners and the bedroom: bathroom users want to see their appearances clearly in order to apply make-up or simply ensure that they are ready for the day ahead! Good lighting has the added advantage of making a compact room seem bigger!


Light and Space

5) Concealed Plumbing

It is a sensible plan to invest in concealed pipework for smaller bathrooms. Not only does this free up a considerable amount of space (to be used for storage, perhaps?) but it looks neater, even in bigger bathrooms. Take your time to plan the perfect small bathroom, invest in a decent budget and choose every feature with care: it will not be long before you have the perfect compact bathroom of your dreams: neat and small, yet with more than adequate storage, beautifully decorated and ready to be enjoyed!


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