10 Amazing Ideas to Furnish Your Bathroom

The following ten ideas will help you to make the best of your bathroom. Just because it is the smallest room in the home does not mean that you should neglect the décor!


every bathroom deserves a large and beautiful mirror. Use the mirror to add an air from your favourite period of history: Art Deco, Baroque, even Egyptian or Victorian style mirrors are readily available.


make sure you bathroom is full of natural light during the day and has good, flattering lighting for the evenings. Hidden light sources that exude a gentle glow without dazzling are perfect for doing make-up and hair or simply checking your appearance.

Hidden Storage:

Build cupboards in your bathroom, so that all the clutter and detritus of day to day life can be tucked neatly away, leaving a smooth expanse on view. Mirrored doors add an element of spaciousness to even the smallest bathroom.

Floor Work:

Invest in textured flooring, so that anyone using the bathroom can feel a wonderful tactile sensation underfoot, be it smooth cobbles or a rubberised textured layer to prevent slipping. Under floor heating makes the bathroom feel truly luxurious!

Window to Another World.

create a ‘fake’ window by installing a picture or photograph of a paradise island or other beautiful natural scene into a recess designed to look like a windowsill.


choose a high-end luxurious wallpaper for your bathroom. The area to be covered is so small that it will not eat into your decorating budget too much, but will add a wealth of beauty to the bathroom.

Fifties Style:

Hang a beautiful chandelier and install a large old-fashioned tub to infuse your bathroom with an air of fifties glamour, when women were beautiful and curvy and men were chivalrous and sharply dressed!


Adding bold stripes to your bathroom can help to even out any design flaws that may have left the room looking ill-proportioned. Stripes can also add a jolt of color into your décor scheme, brightening and enlivening the room.


Choosing a strong theme in décor can sometimes be a disaster, but this seldom happens in small rooms, such as bathrooms. Indulge your imagination to the full to create a delightful, continuously themed bathroom to delight friends and family alike.


Create a good focal point in your bathroom. This can be in the form of a piece of art, hung on the wall or carefully placed near the basin, or a vase of beautifully fresh seasonal flowers. Implement just one or try out all ten of these tips to see if you can create the perfect bathroom of your dreams!

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